This is not  a classic "lifestyle blog" and I am not  a classic blogger. I am studying business administration, I'm having a cute little dog and my head is a mess. I have no idea of fashion, my cooking skills confine myself to pasta and  my fitness level is official couch-potato.
So... what am I doing?


Having fun in all the beautiful things in life. I want to share all my adventures, memories and maybe some passions.
This is why I don't want to restrict this blog to one topic. I have so many ideas in my head which I want to share with you!

Most of all I want to show you my creativity in planning and organizing - my Bullet Journal is my life. I want to motivate you and me to do some workouts. I will take you with me on my journey studying abroad and hopefully I can tell you some tipps on how to travel Scotland.
Well, if you are interested in all kinds of delight and creativity, this is the right place for you!
I wish you a lot of fun reading my posts 


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