Get in the mood of 2019

Hello sunshine.

2019 is in full swing and it’s already in the middle of February. I know these facts are not new, but this year I have already let time lapse away. More than one month has passed and I know it sounds crazy, but I’m not really into 2019 so far.

Today I will try to get you and me in the mood of 2019 and to make this year amazing.

I have a lot of resolutions for this year and I’m sure you too. And usually we forget about this New-Year-Motivation during the months but this year I want to stay as motivated as I was in the first week of January.
Resolutions are not only made for November and December when just a few days are left to make this year satisfying. They are made for
365 days, 365 chances to be the best version of yourself.
And we will try to do this!

quote 'be the best version of yourself' in front of me doing sport

Before we could realize our resolutions, we have to make sure that they are framed correct.
I will lose weight, I will eat healthy and I will stop smoking ,are not as good as it could be. The keynote behind it was good but I’m not sure whether you will be able to implement them as effective as you want.
One thing I learned during my study is how to formulate goals and maybe this is not just for big companies but also for you and me. Have you ever heard about the SMART theory?
Your goals have to be

So, if we stick to our example it would be better to say I will lose 5kg until July to feel great in my bikini. This would be specific, measurable because you can go on a scale, attractive because of the feeling in the bikini, which is also a good reason and time-bound until July.
I will quite with sweets from Monday to Friday every week to feel healthier and less sugar-addicted. This would also be specific, attractive, reasonable and time-bound. It is not obviously measurable, but you will be your own judge to control yourself.

2019 overview on my wall behind the desk

So, we can start to implement our resolutions and we will be proud to see results.
Another trick I do is to cut my SMART goals into smaller ones
to make it easier to have this success. Instead of having this huge resolution to implement from January to December, I have goals for each month and sometimes even for each week.
This way I feel more motivated and stick to the goals I made myself. I’m not losing my way during the year or get distracted by new impressions or rising new goals.

So, now we have our resolutions formed and we’re motivated to work for it… but
how do we get in a sensitive mood of the time passing?
Every time I do my Bullet Journal monthly setup, I’m shocked that it is already a new month and now I will start painting my march which is so crazy. How can we get more aware of the time and the days?
Honestly, I have no answer for you, but I can tell you what I try to do.
When I realized that I have no clue of this year I made myself a new future log, printed it out and stuck it on the wall behind my computer screen. This way I can see it every time I look at my computer and I have colour-coded everything that is scheduled for this year. Now I can see that I have only five months left until we will move in a new town, I have only four days until my last exam this semester and then I have one month of free time.
I tried to make myself deadlines for each goal to process my resolutions one by one, but it cannot be successful when you’re behind time after two weeks. I’m sure that this is basically a good idea but I have to edit my deadlines, because this way it’s more demotivating than anything else.

my research for the smart theory and my bullet journal goals page

So far, I implemented one resolution and a few others are in process. I will try to make myself a new Bullet Journal spread for March especially for my goals and will split them of in weeks, to make sure I have them in my mind.
I’m not sure whether is was helpful not, but I feel more motivated to recreate my resolutions and start to work for them.

If you have already been successful or if you have lost motivation as well, I would really like to know about it in the comments below. I cannot be the only one struggling with new-years-motivation. In the beginning of the year the gym has been crowded by people and now it is at a normal level again, which means either the people space out over the week or a lot of them lost the motivation and quit the commendable gym workouts.

I hope that you and me will be happy and satisfied at the end of this year and we will look back of a effective, happy and successful 2019!

See you next time!


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