Bullet Journal setup 2019

Hello sunshine!

And welcome to the very first blogpost in 2019! I hope you all had a wonderful start of this fresh year! Mine wasn’t so great. I had a big cold and was shut-in.
Nevertheless, I had enough time to think about my goals for 2019 and what I want to change. But as always, I will continue writing my Bullet Journal and (I know it is late, but) I want to show you

my 2019 Bullet Journal setup.

key spread bullet journal 2019 glitter is the new black
key page

I got a new Leuchtturm1917 for Christmas in an olive green, and I love the colour! This year my Leuchtturm1917 only has two pages for the index and after this I have my key page. As described in my bullet journal guide, the key is to determine the symbols you use.
During the last year I changed my system and so I needed a new one with my current symbols. Not that I need it to understand my notes, but it’s nice to have.

new years spread bullet journal 2019 glitter is the new black
cheat sheet

This spread is inspired by @amandarachlee. She made such a page in her Bullet Journal 2019 setup and I thought it could be so useful. It is a “cheat sheet” for the squares on one page. I wrote down the number for each square and draw a line for half the height and halt the weight. Then I added lines for quarters and thirds with one or two squares in between.

It may sound like a lot of work, but I already used it for my January setup which will be online next week.

The quote on the right side was my first attempt to print out a sticker with my new printer. I made the quote with photoshop, but I’m not satisfied yet because the colours don’t match.

vertical future log 2019 bullet journal glitter is the new black
future log

My next pages are my future log. Last year I did it in a horizontal layout. This year I wanted it vertical and with three months on one page again.

I got new stamps to make the monthly overviews, so that I don’t have to write it down every time. BUT the Leuchtturm1917 has really thin pages. It is annoying because now they are way more see-through then they have been before.
I hope that it will not disturb me as much, but I don’t like it. Next time I would think about testing other notebooks.

By the time the year pass, I will colour in the dates with the colour of the month. As you can see: my January will be purple.

goals spread bullet journal glitter is the new black
goals spread

The next important page for me is my goals spread. I did not change much, and while taking the photos I realized that I don’t like the design. But this page is not about the look, it’s about the content.

As last year I split up my goals in categories. I chose Career, Fitness, Travel, Selfcare, Blog, Art and Relationship. This way I don’t have a long list of things, but I can differentiate which category is more important or which I can pursue at the same time.

new years spread 2019 bullet journal glitter is the new black
bucket list and things to try out page

This spread is one to fill in over the year. It is my bucket list and things to try out page.

On the left side, I write down all the things I wish I will do in 2019. It is nothing I have to do but I want to.
And on the left side I want to write down movies, recipes and series I don’t want to forget. I already added some movies which will be in the cinema at the beginning of the year. And we all have been waiting for the last season of Game of Thrones for long enough!

finance planner spread bullet journal brain dump glitter is the new black
finance planner and brain dump

My last page before January is a finance planner. I cannot show you my numbers but as you can see: I wrote down our income and our outgoing money. I have a column for me and one for my boyfriend, and at the bottom I have written down what we have after our expenses. This is what we can spend.

On the other side I have a brain dump page for my blog. After #blogmas I lost my motivation and inspiration, and so I needed a place to write down what I want to write about, what I would like to see on a blog and what I want to post on Instagram. I cannot show you everything, but it always helps me to write down all my thoughts and then I can start structuring.

And this is it! This is my Bullet Journal setup for 2019. As always, I used my tombow pens and muji fineliner to write.
I’m satisfied with the look it turned out. It is simple and useful, and I hope that I will like it for the next 12 months as I did last year.
My new stamps has been very helpful and made it so much easier to create the future log.

I hope you like it, too. Do you use a Bullet Journal for this year as well? What do you think about my setup? Let me know in the comments below.

See you next time!♥
glitter is the new black


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