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Hello sunshines!

"Those Christmas lights
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Have you seen my post about 5 ideas for a monthly spread? Well, today I want to give you a bit more inspiration and a little step further along a little guide you can follow when you want to create your own spreads.

Today I have 5 weekly spread ideas for you.

I use these spreads almost every week and I love them. The bullet journal method is known to be flexible meaning that you can have spread created however you want them. I know people who prefer daily overviews but for me this would be too much. For me it’s perfect to have one week on one spread and that’s enough. So, I show you what’s working for me and maybe you can find inspiration for you!

bujo weekly spread ideas blogmas glitterisblack
weekly spread idea

This first spread is very basic. To make it easier for you to see, what my basic structure is I did almost no sketches. Instead I wrote down where I would place the sketch.
I always have a little monthly overview at the up left corner to see where I’m currently in the month. For the weekdays I just split up the pages. Usually I make a 3-4 split or 4 -3, so Monday to Thursday or Monday to Wednesday. This way I have enough space for the weekdays because I often have less to-do’s on weekends. But on spreads like this where I want to have a bigger sketch, I do 4-3 to have the space for the sketch at the bottom right corner.

bullet journal weekly spread idea blogmas glitterisblack
weekly spread idea

Here we have the same. A monthly overview at the up left corner, but this time the space for the sketch is directly next to this. I drew a little Christmas tree to show you where, but you can place a way bigger doodle up there.
Honestly, the Monday seems to be a bit too small for my taste, but for weeks where I know I’ve less to do it would be fine. The other days have quite a lot place for everything. I’ve written the days on this line I made with my Tombow 847 and the date under the first letter.
I prefer to have both: date and weekdays, because sometimes people say: “let’s meet Thursday” and others say, “What about the 13th December?”. I know I have my monthly overview, but I just use it to get an overview about the month, not to look at it for special appointments.

bullet journal weekly spread inspiration blogmas glitterisblack
weekly spread idea

And this is the third idea for a spread. Again, it has the monthly overview and it also has the sketch at the bottom right corner, but I think this one is special. This time the weekdays are among each other and the space for each day is framed by the next day.
I like this spread for weeks where I have to make sure that I do what I have to do at the day where it’s scheduled. Do you know those weeks where you have to do so much that you don’t know where to start? This is your spread! If you don’t allow yourself to skip or postpone tasks, you will see all your results at the end of the day, when everything is done.
I always use this spread for exam weeks.

bullet journal weekly spread blogmas glitterisblack
weekly spread with two weeky on one spread

Ok, so now we start with the smaller spreads for less busy weeks. I just have those two because these are number 4 and 5 of our 5 weekly spread ideas, but if you want to see more, check out my November and December bullet journal setup.
For the first example I’ve written down the dates and weekdays at the left corner. I always have 2cm for each day including the name of the day and usually 4 to 5 cm width. It is not enough for tasks, but for important appointments and little reminders.
The tasks are written down in a master-to-do-list in the middle of the page. You just write down everything you have to do and then you work through. If you want to have priorities, you can highlight them or use special symbols such as stars or exclamation marks.

On the right side it is the same principle but back-to-front. So, the days are at the right corner (again 2cm each) and the rest of the page is for notes. You can use the bottom of the page to add any sketch or doodle you want. This would also look nice if you add watercolour or other creative decoration.
To be honest, these spreads are not made for busy weeks. If you have much to do and you want to stay organised, a master-to-do-list can get to overwhelming. I prefer my daily to-do’s, but for holiday or less stressful weeks this is amazing! It saves you unused pages and keeps you on track in terms of your tasks, because you see the not-done to-do’s.

And this is it! 5 ideas of how you can draw your next weekly spread. If you have any other idea or inspiration, feel free to tell me in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Merry Christmas!❄


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