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Hello sunshine!

"I've got 5 more nights until you're next to me
4 more days of being lonely
3 more wishes I can barely breathe
If I can make it to Christmas Eve then it's
One more sleep
(one more sleep until it's Christmas)..."

I decided that this is the last day of #blogmas! Tomorrow will be very hectic and stressful, and I don’t have the time to prepare a blogpost for you. But, I really enjoyed writing all these #blogmas posts for you and I hope I could inspire you and get you in the right mood for Christmas.

Christmas Cards DIY Glitter is the new black
merry christmas

Tomorrow I will spend the whole day with my family and I’m hosting our Christmas dinner for the first time. Now, I’m in the last steps of cleaning the flat to have everything ready for them. I have never been in the position of having my whole family here and cooking for them. It makes me a bit nervous.

Today’s blogpost is nothing special but I don’t want to miss to wish everyone a merry Christmas, cheerful holidays and a happy new year!

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my Christmas tree

This year has been so creasy! Starting with exams I think I would fail but being better than I ever expected. Followed by the “Bergfest” which is a party that you have completed half of your study period and then the email that I was accepted for the Fulbright Summer School in the USA!
So after the next exams I started with 23 other amazing people for three weeks to study at the Virginia Tech. It was so much fun and the people made these weeks so special!
Then I had two weeks in Germany when my boyfriend and I visited Cologne for the GamesCOM. And then it was already time to fly to Scotland for my semester abroad. And this is where I have been until last week.
Now I am back in Germany and I enjoy every minute with my friends, family, boyfriend and dog!

I am so thankful for all these experiences and this year has been so amazing! I will remember this for the rest of my life and it shaped my character a lot!
Next year will also be momentous because I will finish my study and we will move to a new town and I will start to work full time for the first time.

I hope you all have a great time with your family and friends! I wish you a generous Santa with amazing presents and I will enjoy all the food.

I hope you liked all #blogmas posts and please tell me your thoughts about everything in the comments below. I'm excited for 2019 and everything that comes along.

Merry Christmas!❄

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