#blogmas - time to go home

Hello sunshine!

"I'll be home for Christmas
You can plan on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents on the tree..."

I'm happy to tell you: I'M BACK IN GERMANY!
I arrived Saturday noon and we had 6 hours’ drive to finally get home, but I was so happy to be in Germany again. I missed everything so much!

flying home after an erasmus semester abroad blogmas glitter is black

After one week of waiting I was so happy when I restored my pillows, planked and keys and made my way to the bus station. It was a difficult walk with two 23kg suitcases, a bag and a backpack through sleet. I was so sodden when we arrived at the airport but still happy!
I had enough time to check in and walk through the security check, but I had never to wait too long. After a little delay we departed and one and a half hours later I landed in Düsseldorf.
My dad and my boyfriend with our little dog picked me up at the airport and together we drove home. Our first stop was McDonalds because I love it :D
The British one is not the same and so I granted myself some nuggets!

My highlight was to surprise my friends.
Sunday morning I got up early to unpack everything and then we bought fresh pizza! With the help of her boyfriend and mine I surprised Lisa from flowersandcrowns with this tasty pizza and we talked for hours. She was so happy which made me feel even luckier.

Monday morning Lisa and I surprised another friend when I joined them for breakfast.

flight glasgow to duesseldorf blogmas glitter is black

I am so happy that I have so many people who are glad to have me back and who want to talk to me. Not that I had no one in Scotland but it feels so great to have people who know you and who are happy to have you.

I already have been in my good old gym and I decorated our Christmas tree. Unfortunaltely, I have so much to do that every day feels too short but I know that this will fade away after Christmas.
For now I try to upload my blogmas post every day even if I did not prepare anything. I had to buy all my presents and need to wrap them, I wanted to bake Christmas cookies and today we're making a Secret Santa afternoon.

I hope that you all have a more relaxed and festive December than I had but I'm so happy to be back home now!
I enjoy the time with all my friends and family, and even if it's stressful I'm glad to be back home!

Merry Christmas!❄


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