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Hello sunshine!

"Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special..."

I love the Christmas season! I love getting festive, putting up the tree and eating cinnamon biscuits and I love Christmas markets! And today I want to share my experiences with you about

the Scottish Christmas Market in Edinburgh and Glasgow

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I’ve been in Edinburgh last Saturday and we arrived in the morning, so we had time to discover everything before the crowds got there, but it was already full.
As a German I have been to Christmas markets since I can remember, and I have this picture in my mind how it should be to get this festive feeling. I’ve acted in the nativity play for many years and sang without choir when I was in kindergarten.
And going on a Christmas market in another country is always an experience. I’ve seen American ones before which is more a spectacle, than a cosy togetherness. The Scottish Christmas market started way more reflective and festive than the American one.

christmas market edinburgh and glasgow blogmas glitterisblack

The Christmas market in Edinburgh is located next to the train station with the big wheel and other attractions such as roundabouts. Because of the location it is split up in shacks and attraction area and the exits/ entries are separated by barriers.
I’ve never expected to see so many shacks with ’German sausag’ or ’German beer’ or ’Glühwein’, which made it look as if it would be similar to a German Christmas market. But it’s not!
Real German sausage is way different than the ones they sell here, which is so sad because this is what I was most excited about, but it’s okay. I will eat enough when I get back home. I don’t like Glühwein, but my friends told me that it was good as well as the beer.

christmas market edinburgh and glasgow blogmas glitterisblack

Unexpectedly, there were a lot shacks selling handmade decoration, cards, candles and other beautiful things. Especially when it was dark in the afternoon, it looked so beautiful!
One highlight for me was the Christmas tree maze. Unfortunately, it was too expensive for me, but only looking at it was already so amazing!
All these lights and smells made me feel very festive and happy. It was not as good as the German original, but it was very nice and an experience I didn’t want to miss.
So, if you are in Scotland in December, go to the Christmas market in Edinburgh or Glasgow. Of course, the one in Edinburgh is bigger than the one in Glasgow and Edinburgh does not only have one, but I loved the lights in Glasgow! There were huge baubles made of lights and it lightened me up inside!

christmas market at glasgow and edinburgh blogmas glitterisblack

I hope you got an idea of the Scottish Christmas market and how it was for me. I really enjoyed it and I can absolutely recommend it!

Merry Christmas!❄


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