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Today it is all about bullet journaling again! The end of the year is getting closer and you might think about starting the setup for 2019. As I have described in my blogpost about how to start a bullet journal, I have a monthly spread every month. And sometimes it can get boring to have the same spread just in different colours. Because of this I want to show you

5 different monthly spread ideas.

Just a little side note: All spreads are created in a festive design, but you can rearrange them with any design you want. I just wanted it to fit in the theme and decorate it a little bit.

bullet journal monthly spread idea blogmas glitterisblack
monthly spread idea

The first three spreads always include 2 pages. It is perfect for busy months and to split of topics. This time I split it in personal and school.
I have many personal appointments in December such as birthdays, the Christmas dinner I’m hosting and other Christmas parties, but December has also been the month of all assignments. So, it is useful to have one page for school or business appointments, whatever you need, and one page for personal dates. But be careful: take a look at both while making appointments!
It would be not helpful at all if you have no more space left on both sides, because then you might not be able to get to every appointment. So, don’t settle days twice!

bulletjournal monthly spread inspiration blogmas glitterisblack
monthly spread with squares

If you have seen my December setup, this is a bigger version of the monthly page!
I love this spread for month where I have a lot to remember but don’t need to split it up as in the first version. Most of the times I’m using 2.5cm x 3.5cm squares but you can make them what size you want.
As you can see the 31st December is sharing one square with the 24th because I don’t want an extra row with just one date. But you could also add it to the first row, because there are only two dates.
Using this spread you have space on the side where you can add whatever you want. It could be perfect for a to-do list or goals for this month or just a quote as I did.

bulletjournal spread monthly log glitterisblack blogmas
monthly overview idea

Honestly, I have never ever used a spread like this before. I found this idea on pinterest while searching for other spread ideas and I really like it. It is not made for busy months, because you don’t have the space to add that many appointments, but it looks cute.
Everything you need to do is write down the numbers and the weekday on top of it, color in the weekends and then you’re ready! You can draw a line to the date where you want to schedule something. Probably you could make the space between each number bigger than I did, because now I have lots of white at this page, which could be used more effectively.
I think it looks prettier with straight lines and a little dot at the end of the line, but this is just because it looks like little baubles.

bullet journal monthly log idea blogmas glitterisblack
monthly spread idea

This is my go-to monthly spread. I used it for my November bullet journal setup. It is so easy and effective! You write down the dates and weekdays in the middle of the page, frame it or not, and then you can add a category of each side. This time the left side is personal and right side is work.
It is the same principle as in the first spread but shortened to one page. To not lose track of your appointments, you can highlight the weekends as I did or draw a thin line after each week.
Using this one-page-spread I make sure that I don’t have too much to do, because I cannot schedule more than I have space. It is good at the one side but at the other, some days you have to do more than one thing and then the rows can be too small. Just to let you know.

bullet journal monthly spread inspiration blogmas glitterisblack
monthly page idea

And this is the final spread which is pretty close to the fourth, but with the difference that this time the numbers are on the left side and little abbreviations are added for the dates.
With these pages you have less room to add sketches or quotes, but I did in the work part at the end of the month, because I have holiday since the 8th December and I won’t do anything in the last weeks of the year, so there will be no entries anyway.

And those are my 5 favourite monthly spreads. Next time you’re looking for inspiration to draw your bullet journal month, you can come back and take a look at it again. I’m sure I will do, because I always struggle to find the perfect-size spread and here you have some for busy months and some for more relaxed ones.
I hope you liked this post and I’ll see you tomorrow for the next #blogmas post.

Merry Christmas!❄


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