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Hello sunshine!

"Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Let your heart be light
From now on your troubles will be out of sight..."

Let’s get serious today: going abroad even for one trimester is expensive! I’m just a student relying on the money I get from the state.

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bullet journal pages to save money

Todays post is about how I save money using my Bullet Journal.

Let’s be fair: me drawing my bullet journal has cost me more than I wanted to, but let’s call it a good investment. But if you really want to save money, you should probably start with not buying as many Tombows and extraordinary stationary as I do.

saving money pages for bulletjournal blogmas glitterisblack
finance tracker

My first idea for saving money is a Finance tracker.

This is basically a page where you write down everything you spend money for. For mine the first column is for the date and the second for the description. Then I added a column for visa and cash. And at last the amount.
To make this work, you have to write down everything you spend money for and you can tick whether it was with credit card or cash. In my opinion a credit card is a false friend especially in the UK, where it just needs to hold up your card for paying without entering a key or anything.

If you want to save money you have to know where you spend it first. I like this page because during the month you will get to a point where the page is running out of space and you will realize how much money you spend. Even if it is just a pound or £3.60 for a train ticket (that’s what I pay to get to Glasgow)… buy 5 tickets and you already spend £18. And it will not stay with just the ticket… you will need food, maybe your friends want to go drink coffee … The list is long.
So try to write down the ugly truth and next month you will know where you can save money.

bujo page to save money blogmas glitterisblack
bullet journal saving tracker

The second page I use (sometimes) is a Saving tracker.

This page is very useful if you want to save money for something special. I drew you this example with events you might want to save money for. •holiday •black Friday •new camera •wedding
You decide how much one box will be. If it is £1 each, then you might be faster than £100 each. If you just have one goal, even better than you can focus on this one. If you have many such as I drew, you have to make sure that you save everything for the right purpose and avoid mixing it in your head, because this can cause doubling.

Honestly, I’m not the best for giving saving-advices. My best investments are shoes and if you ask my boyfriend I have too many. But theoretically I know how to use pages like these and one of my resolutions for 2019 will be to start saving!

How do you save money? And for what do you think it is worth saving for? Let’s talk about this in the comments below 😊

Merry Christmas!❄


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