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Hello sunshine!

"Snow is fallin'
All around me
Children playin'
Having fun
It's the season
Love and understanding
Merry Christmas everyone..."

We have only 3 days left until Christmas and if you don’t have any presents yet, I have the last minute survival idea:

self-made Christmas cards!

hand lettering christmas cards DIY blogmas glitter is black
DIY Christmas Cards

I mean: this is not the best idea for everyone but for your closer friends and family I think they would appreciate it if you take the time to draw a personalised card with lovely words inside.
So, I searched for inspiration on pinterest and created 4 cards four you, which are easy to draw and took me less than 5 minutes (without the time for waiting the watercolours to dry)!

Self made Christmas Card hand lettering merry Christmas blogmas glitter is black
merry Christmas

Card Nr. 1 is painted with watercolours. I chose different types of green and painted branches. I first wanted bigger pines and added firry-branches and a few mistletoes. To make it a bit more festive I added red circles with a cotton bud.

The lettering is very simple first but the “Christmas” is convoluted and obtrusive. I like the mixture of simple and louder fonts but if you don’t, feel free to change it!

DIY Christmas Card Winter themed hand lettering blogmas glitter is black
Warm wishes

Card Nr. 2 is more winter-related than just Christmas.
To be honest: this is not perfect, and I would change it if I would give it to someone else, but you get an impression of what I wanted to draw.
I wanted to paint a blue watercolour background and a snowflake on top. Unfortunately, my background is not dark enough to make the white font protrude.
My font is white to match the snowflake, but I think it would also look great if you choose a darker grey or even black as long as it is covering.

Self-made Christmas Cards hand lettering DIY blogmas glitter is black
nailed it

Card Nr. 3
This card is my boyfriend’s most favourite. For me this is a funny way to look at the stressful period before Christmas and saying we all have the same problems but at the same time it makes you feel happy.
I just drew the socket and a very long and snarled line and added little baubles afterwards in different colours. Even if just the outer lines got decoration it looks messy enough. If you have very covering pencils you could add much more if you want.

Christmas Cards self made blogmas glitter is black
Merry X-Mas

Card Nr. 4 is on brown paper cut out of a shopping bag. I painted the lettering in a banner and gave the background a bit of texture to give it a bit of a deepening effect.

On top you can paint whatever you want. I chose a Christmas tree with geometric patterns matching to the banner. I like the simplicity and that it looks so different than all the others.

And this is it!
4 different Christmas card you can easily recreate by yourself in less than 10 minutes. I will show you a 5. idea on my instagram, so feel free to check it out. And if you have some more inspiration or ideas, feel free to tell me in in the comments below!

Merry Christmas!❄


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