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Hello sunshine!

"Santa tell me if you're really there
Don't make me fall in love again
If he won't be here next year
Santa tell me if he really cares
'Cause I can give it all away if he won't be here next year..."

As I have said a hundred times before, 2018 is almost over and we’re in its final throes. I just have one more page in my bullet journal for December which means that it is time to think about a new one.

Todays post is about bullet journal preparation for 2019

Last year I completely changed the style of how I make my spreads, I made a new key and new overviews. I waited for the youtube videos of all my favourite youtubers to see how they made it and so I found my way.
This year I want to make it with more structure. I want to find my own way to use it and not just copying from others, even if I would not say I copied it but it was not just “inspiration”. So, I try to make a little guide you and I can follow to find out how we can create our bullet journal 2019.

Let’s try to make it with structure. First of all I would think about what I liked in my bullet journal 2018
Sometimes you have those pages, which look amazing and you like them, but you don’t use them? Those are pages you might want to change next year but which will definitely be there again. I have such a page. It is my Future Log. I made two because I just liked the look of the first one but it was completely useless. I made all months on one page without any space for notes or anything, but I made a second one with 6months on one spread and I lived it! I have used it the whole year and it was so handy while planning in long term. So, I will keep this page!

Another page I liked was my goals page, which you can see in my resolutions post. Every time I had no inspiration for quotes I looked back at this page because this one looks so amazing in my opinion. But this is the only thing I like about this page; the rest was not as useful as I expected, and I didn’t look at it at all. So, I need to create a pretty page I can use as well.

Moreover, I wrote down other pages I liked but I ended up finding most of my favourite pages when I took the pictures for one of the upcoming blogposts which was after I took the photos for this one, which is the reason why this list is still so short.

The second step is to write down what I did not like.

As you see I had good pages which I did not use and I had pages which I did not use because I didn’t like them at all! Such as the short version of the future log.
Another senseless page was my saving tracker. The idea was good but it was to small and in the middle of January, and I totally forgot about it. And now, looking back, I feel ashamed because I didn’t save enough at all!

Furthermore, I ended up cutting out the habit tracker in each month. It was more a obligation than something that made me happy and so I quit drawing those. I hate it that I have half-filled tracker and I promised myself not to start one again until I’m super motivated to do it for one whole month.

And while searching for pages I liked or nor, I had new ideas of pages I could include in my new bullet journal.
I think I really need a list of movies I want to watch! Every time I see a trailer, I think Oh, I want to watch this and then I forget about it and it happened that I missed it to go to the cinema because I forgot it. And to prevent these ‘huge’ omissions, I want to search for all upcoming movies in 2019 and will write down when they come into the cinemas to watch them!

Another idea is a series tracker. I know Netflix saves you the last episode you watched, but sometimes I’m switching between Netflix and Amazon, and sometimes my boyfriend and I watch the same series without doing it together and I end up in a wrong episode because he was watching faster than me. And so a tracker for series would be nice.

And my last idea is a recipes inspiration page. One of my resolutions for 2019 will be to learn how to cook, and for this I need recipes. I think I will make it as a brain dump-kind of page to write down whatever and whenever I’m thinking of ingredients to use.

And this is how I prepare myself for setting up a new bullet journal. I know it is nothing special but I feel like this little recapping helps to find out what you want and what you don’t use… and maybe what you don’t use but you want it because it looks pretty.

I hope you found some inspiration. Feel free to tell me whether you think to start a bullet journal in 2019 as well or what else you will use in the comments below.
And if you want to read even more, you can check out this blog my friend Lisa is writing. She also has a special for the rest of the year and I love to read her articles! (But it’s all German!)

Merry Christmas!❄


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