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Hello sunshine!

"Silent night, holy night!
All is calm, all is bright.
Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child.
Holy infant so tender and mild,
Sleep in heavenly peace,
Sleep in heavenly peace..."

I hope you enjoyed the first week of #blogmas. We are right in the middle of December and Christmas is comming closer and closer, and because of this I have

5 page bullet journal page ideas for Christmas for you!

Honestly, I love it to read blogposts like this and I hope you will mine. I want to show you pages, to have less stress and stay organized during the festive time, because I know that it can be busy. As for all #blogmas pages I have used my Tombow 847 red and black fineliner to create the pages.

bullet journal page ideas chrismas blogmas glitterisblack
Present ideas and wishlist spread

Present ideas
This page is one of those I needed first! During the year I have so many present ideas and when it come to Christmas everyone seems unimaginative in terms of wished. But when you listen to them before the stressful "what-do-you-want-for-Christmas"-inquiry starts, they often tell you what they want. Even if it is a little I love this tea or my pens run out of color those are hints. And I have been collecting them on my phone but I'm glas I have a page now where I can write down everything for everyone.

Same problem when it comes to me: when everyone starts asking, I have no idea what to tell then to give me. I don't know whether it is polite or not but I like to have an answer. And honestly it is better to get something you want than something that you will not touch for months.
Somethimes it feels like we live in a society where it is fashionable to have no wishes, but let's be honest: I'm just a student and I don't have much money. I have houndrets of wishes! But I don't want my friends to pay them for me, because I want to achieve this by myself. But the smaller ones such as new watercolor or a new bullet journal (which I already got), I would be so happy to get!

bullet journal page ideas for christmas blogmas glitterisblack
Christmas dinner menu & shopping list and present tracker spread

Christmas dinner page
This year is the first time me and my boyfriend are hosting Christmas! And I'm so excited! I want it to be cosy, delicious and relaxed afternoon with my family... but it needs to be planned. Because I don't want to be one of those creazy ladys whopping all ingredients in the morning of the 24th (we're celebrating on the evening of 24th of December!)
So I already planned the menu of lunch and dinner as well as the cake for in between - in case anybody is already hungry :D
And I created a shopping list I could follow to not be forced to go to a supermarket on the 24th!
I really hope that I have everything considered :D

christmas bujo page ideas blogmas glitterisblack
present tracker page

Present tracker
I know technically this would be better to be right behind the present ideas, but I forgot to make it when I drew the ideas list and when I got the first presents I made a mistake... I bought three presents for one person, thought I'm doing good and then I realized that I have nothing for all the other 8 persons left. So I created this tracker.
It includes •ideas •budget •bought •wrapped
So I'm ticking it when I have an idea for this person on my list, set a budget and ticking further if I bought it and wrapped it. I think I might add • given away so that I don't forget to give it to the person. Trust me, it can happen that you forget a present it the hindmost corner of the drawer!

bujo page ideas for christmas blogmas glitterisblack
that was my 2018 spread

That was my 2018
It's the second time that I'm doing this page and I love to fill it in. It is a little recap of my year 2018 and I haven't written down everything so far, because I am not sure of what will happen in the last month and so I wait for the last week of December to fill it in. But I already have ideas in it written with pencil. It is my most beautiful day, my best present, my most exciting adventure, my most embarrassing moment, my biggest achievement, my best investment, my nicest meeting and At the end of the day 2018 was...
I loved to read last years text when I made this page and I think this year I have great stories to write about!

What about you? What would you write in such a page and what are your essential christmas pages in your bullet journal? let me know in the comments below! :)

Merry Christmas!❄


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