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Hello sunshine!

"Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock
Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring
Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun
Now the jingle hop has begun..."

It is time to use this festive mood to get creative!

Today I want to show you my favourite christmas sketches and doodles

As always I found most of my inspiration on pinterest , but it can get difficult to find the perfect type of doodles for oneself, due to different tasts. Because of this I can just show you my personal favourites and I hope you like them as well.
If you have seen my Bullet Journal setup for december, you already have a little inspiration, but this is more elegant then festive. Certainly I prepared all my drawings for you so I knew what I want to show you today and omitted those christmas drawings. So todays sketches are more festive, christmassy and wintery.
Get yourself a pen and paper, and draw with me.
All I had was my Muji pen in 0.5 and 0.38, my Micron pen in 0.05 and plane white paper.

bullet journal christmas sketches blogmas glitterisblack
christmas sketches with reindeers

elks and reindeer
Honestly I don't know the difference between both and I have no idea which of those I painted, but I'm pretty sure you understand what I mean! For my little Rudolph is one of the most seen christmas movies. I really like the elegance those animals have but because of this they are really difficult to draw.
For me a page in my bullet journal with such a sketch makes me very proud because it always takes me ages to get to a point where I am satisfied with my drawing.
It feels a bit easier to draw them more geometric then realistic, because then you can cheat a little bit and take a ruler to have averything symmetrical. With this you can make bigger areas for the fur and smaller ones vor the more detailed parts such as the eyes and nose.

bullet journal sketching glitterisblack blogmas 2018
candle sketch for christmas

I wish I could burn a candle in my room! I currently live in a dorm where it is not allowed to have candles and I miss it so much! I love sitting in a dark room with some candles and if you have a smelling one even better.
And luckily they are easy to draw. Starting with the body you add a line on top for the wick on a wavy line and at the bottom you can add whatever you want.

bullet journal christmas sketches blogmas glitterisblack
christmas car sketch

christmas car
Ok, I have never seen a car like this in real life but I think it looks so cute and festive. I can't wait to decorate our christmas tree!
If you want to draw any tree like this, don't overthink it. Remember the texture of a fir branch? It is just lines on a limb. I usually sketch myself the branches first with a pencil and start adding small strokes to it, so that I can raze out the lines afterwards.
If you don't like the car, then you can just draw a christmas tree and put some presents underneath. To draw christmas presents you're on the safe side if you take different sized squares, spicing it up with colorful patterns.

bullet journal sketches glitterisblack blogmas 2018
mistletoe sketches

You will see a lot of these in the upcoming blog posts because I love to draw them! I can't remember having any of mistletoe in our flat for decoration, but I feel like they are such a symbol of romance and festiveness. You can sketch them in so many differeny variations.
I really like to just draw some "balls" first and add the leaves. Or you take black paper and a white pen, draw a line as the main branch and add the leaves and bobbles on the sides, as I did last year.
You can use this technique to add mistletoes to the candles, to decorate them.

bullet journal christmas sketches blogmas glitterisblack
snow glove sketch

snow globe
Every painted snow globe is unique (as every picture I quess) but I mean, that you can add in the globe whatever you want. If you like blowing snow, paint snow! If you prefer the nativity play, you can sketch this! Or if you want to have santa clause in his sleigh, paint him. You do not have to have that much details, because it is behind the glas.
I would suggest not to overload it unless your drawing is big enough to recognize every detail, otherwise it is just needless work.

And those are my 5 christmas sketches, I wanted to show to you!
I would love to show you some more, but currently I don't have any water color or other art supplies. But stay tuned if you are interested in festive art. Maybe there will be some more articles like this during the next days.
I hope you found inspiration and I wish you lots of fun drawing your own christmassy sketches!

Merry Christmas!❄
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