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Hello sunshine!

I love painting, drawing and sketching and the week before last, I made a little sketch every day to show you, how easy it is to paint something every day in less than 10 minutes. Even if each of these sketches is not a whole masterpiece, I like that I did it and that I can tell you some stories to my pictures.
Usually I use such sketches to put in my Bullet Journal because (for me) every spread looks prettier with a little painting. So if you don't like it to prepare your weekly pages in advance, you can find some time to paint something for each week whenever you like.

A Bullet Journal is free to use in any way you want to use it and this week it is my Sketchbook!

MONDAY 29|10|18

I started the week with a very long and productive Monday. I have two of my modules on this day, so most of the time I’m somewhere on campus and sometimes I feel that I would be more productive if I wouldn’t sit in class and listen and make some research instead. In Germany I wouldn’t go to classes like these because we do not have to be there and honestly I don’t have 100% attendance, but here I have to be there.
And when I was talking to my boyfriend at the end of this day, I started painting this mouth. I saw it on Pinterest before and I felt like everyone was talking beautiful shit, but it does not make as much sense as the people wished for.
I drew some easy flowers coming out of the mouth with small circles and leaves. To highlight the senselessness of words, I thought it would fit to make the mouth melting. So I added in these melting-lines and painted over the end of the mouth with a white gel pen.

Bullet Journal sketch
Sketch for Monday

TUESDAY 30|10|18

This was a very good day. I was very productive and did all the things on my to-do list for this day. Again I painted the sketch in the evening but this time before I could talk to my boyfriend, and I was missing him a lot. So I drew this rose as I have been drawing thousands of roses before, but I didn’t want it to be like every other flower… I wanted it to be trapped. And I remembered a old picture I painted years ago and there was a lightbulb shining at some flowers and so I drew the lightbulb but this time, it was around not above it.

Bullet Journal Sketch
Sketch for Tuesday

WEDNESDAY 31|10|18

To be honest: I love painting women. The female body is so curvy and aesthetic that it feels easier to draw and in addition to that it is easier to have a picture in your mind of what you see in the mirror on a daily basis. But I hate drawing faces and hands with a ballpoint pen, and that’s why I decided to hide the hands in the hair and sketch the shades instead of mimic.
I have never painted a kneeling woman before, so I started with the upper body. After adding the belly, I realized that the t-shirt was to short even for a crop top. This is ok, because it is just a sketch, but I wanted it to fit proportional. So I changed the perspective! Instead of standing in-front of her, I imagined looking from below. Do you know these photo shootings on the beach where it looks like the photographer is melting in the sand to get the best angle? Now I imagine to be the photographer! And the women ended up kneeling somewhere.

Bullet Journal sketching
Sketch for Wednesday

THURSDAY 01|11|18
As you can see by the dates: Wednesday was Halloween. So Thursday was the day after and I was so tired! Not that I have been partying for so long or got drunk or anything, but the people in-front of my window did! So I had an unsettled night and had to get up early for university.
The result was that I was missing my home more than I usually do. Normally I party with my friends and when I go home after it, I will wake up next to my boyfriend the next day and as kind as he is he would bring me some breakfast in bed. But here I am alone, I have to move on and no one really cares about my mood. The only thing I can do is motivating myself to keep going and on days like these it is hard.
But I took the time to drew down my feelings and actually, this picture took the longest time. When I am painting hands I try to paint left hands, because I can hold mine next to the picture and use it as a template while drawing with the right hand. I used my ballpoint pen for my hand and a blue fine liner for his.

sketching for Bullet Journals
Sketch for Thursday

FRIDAY 02|11|18

To be honest: I haven’t been very productive in Thursday and so I had to make good for this on Friday. I had to finish an assignment, I wanted to paint something for Instagram, I wanted to write a marketing plan for one module and I had to write the next blogpost… End of the day: I felt like I had done everything but nothing. I managed to hand in the assignment because it was the deadline, but after this I lost my focus again. I don’t know whether the translation is correct but: you can’t have your cake and eat it too .
In Germany we say: You can’t dance on two weddings, and that’s why I wanted to paint someone dancing on different places at one time. The girl is going through black holes and again she is hiding her face behind the hair. Moreover, I was too lazy to draw fingers or toes, so she just has something that could be hands and feet if you look from far away.
I don’t like that sketch so much, because I think the proportions are not correct and it could be way prettier if I would take more time.

Bullet Journal inspiration
Sketch for Friday

SATURDAY 03|11|18

Honestly I lost my motivation to paint anything. I totally forgot that I was doing this week of sketching and it was almost midnight when I saw my sketchbook. So I ended up redrawing what I saw on Instagram. I love @dinasaurus.art and her paintings.
I had a whole month in my Bullet Journal with recreations of her drawings and why not again painting a picture from her? Nothing is wrong in recreating someone’s art to practice and learn. I think her paintings are perfect to learn to paint faces and this is what I really want to improve.

Bullet Journal inspiration
Sketch for Saturday

SUNDAY 04|11|18

Finally! One more week done and one week less until I can go back to Germany. I can’t wait to go home and see all my loved persons. I can’t wait for Christmas and I can’t wait to give my Christmas presents to all my sweethearts! Currently I’m motivating myself by focusing on all these upcoming events to not give up. I have so fu*** much to do and I am giving my best to get very good marks.
I know I sound like a nerd, but I want to give my best to achieve something. And on days like last Sunday, I feel like I could conquer the world.
But to be fair: I have been drawing ballerinas since I started to learn how to proportion a human body. After using these manikins, I loved sketching it in unnatural positions as ballerinas do. They have my respect for being that stretchy!

Bullet Journal sketching
Sketch for Sunday

And this is it. This is my week in sketches! I hope you got an idea about my week and how I paint my little sketches. The secret is practicing! Even if the sketches are not the greatest, once ore I painted human bodies and maybe next time I know, that the crop top should be longer or some proportions should be different.
If you would like to see more of these, check out my Instagram and follow this blog. I would love to read your opinions in the comments below!

See you next time!♥


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