Bullet Journal - October Setup

Hello Sunshines!

Today is the first time I can show you my Bullet Journal. As it is the first of October, I drew my setup for the upcoming month.
If you do not know what a Bullet Journal is: Here you can find the official website. To say it in easy words it is a self-made calendar. You can draw every page however you want and take the space you would like to have for every to-do list or whatever you want to create.
Because this is my first post here, you might have no idea what this will look like, so if you want check out my previous Bullet Journal Setups on my German Blog.

So this month I my Bullet Journal topic is: Harry Potter

BuJo Setup October
Monthly Bullet Journal spread with a Hogwarts drawing

Unfortunately I have not more than 9 pages left in my Leuchtturm1917 (it's my notebook) and this is why I decided to cut down my cover page and my monthly overview on one page. On the left side I drew Hogwarts because for me it is one of the most memorable things of Harry Potter.
On the right side I wrote the dates and the weekdays in the middle. With the little drop shadow behind the box, the dates stand out more and I like the look of it.
I already wrote some of my most important dates in the monthly overview, because I needed to see what's going on this month. This time it is devided in "School" and "Travel". All my appointments can be classified in these categories. Most important are my tasks for uni and I don't want to miss any of this!

Bujo Setup October weekly
Bullet Journal weekly spread with a Hogwarts sketch

During the last month I noticed that I need a whole page for one week! So I splitted up the week, that I have enough space for each day. Most of the time I don't use the whole page, but it is nice to have the opportunitie to write in as much as you want.

And let me tell you a little fun fact about me: I am a Hufflepuff! Thanks to a friend I made one of these tests where you can find out which Hogwarts house would be perfect for you and that's the result. If you are not that much into Harry Potter and you never heard about Hufflepuff - THEY ARE THE COOLEST! Just kidding!
Hufflepuff is known for hard work, patience, loyalty, and fair play. Maybe you will come across the name Newt Scamander during the upcoming months. He is a famouse Hufflepuff alumni and the main character of the movie phatastic beasts and the second part will start in november. Guess who is goint to be the first one in the cinema? ME!!!

Bujo weekly setup
Bullet Journal weekly spread with a drawing of a dementor and the spell "Expecto Patronum"

I don't know whether it is that intellegent to use a whole page for this week, because I will be on the road the whole week and I have no ideo on how I will check my Bullet Journal during this time. But honestly I totaly forgot my originally plan of drawing this page while painting. And there is another mistake on this page: the little monthly overview in the corner. When I write this overviews I draw the colored line first so that it would not smudge, but when I drew the first line I thought I'm in week 1 and not week 2. Thats why every week one more line is colored and I think it is not that bad. It gives you an idea on how far the month has gone.

Bujo October week 4
Bullet Journal weekly spread with a sketch of the flying car and the quote "Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home"

With this drawing I am connecting lot's of memories to my daytrip to the Glenfinnan Viaduct - the bridge where the szene was produced. Even if it was raining and not the best conditions, I loved it and I wish I had the time to draw it, but I made good for that with the pictures I took.
And you can't make a Harry-Potter-Bullet-Journal_theme without a quote from J.K. Rowling! This one inspired me to rewatch all Harry Potter movies again :D

Bujo October week 3
Bullet Journal weekly spread with a sketch of the knight bus

To be honest this was the first week I drew this month, because I like the idea of creating a page with a little bit of freedom. Not every word need to be in line and not every letter needs to be the same size. I always think about the szene of the bus whenever I see a double deck coach or an old lady crossing the street very slow.
I will try to finish reading Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone as fast as I can, becaus I fell in love with the idea of living in the country of Hogworts, Magic and Dragons.
One of the first places I visited was the elephant hous - the place where J.K. Rowling wrote most of her books. How cool is it to read a book where the author had the inspirations for everything? If I would be brave enough I think I would read the book on the famouse cemetery in Edinburgh where you can find some of the most magical names - but it is to creepy for me!

Because my Leuchtturm1917 is running out of pages November and December will be in another Leuchtturm1917. I hope that you like this month's setup and got inspired.
Feel free to tell me your thoughts in the comments!

See you next time!


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