Bullet Journal - November Setup

Hello sunshines!

It is the end of October which means that it is time for a new Bullet Journal setup. The last weeks my Bullet Journal has been my one and only help to stay structured with all the mess that is going on for me. I have been using it quite a lot and I loved the pages. If you haven’t seen it so far, you can check it out here!
This month I wanted something autumnal but not the classic leaves. I don’t like brown that much and I wanted a warm and cozy color, and on the other side I wanted something darker, because it is getting darker outside as well. I decided for my Tombow 679 which is a dark purple.

And this month my Bullet Journals is all about Moons and Dreaming.

Bullet Journal November
Bullet Journal Cover page for November with moons and a sketch of a cup of tea

I love all constellations and my setup for November 2017 was all about constellations. This time I wanted it dreamier and mystic. My November will be a very busy and hectic month, with long to-do lists and appointments for group meetings. It is my last full month in Scotland and that means that university is coming to an end. I have to write a lot for all my essays and make research for everything. And I really need a place to organize myself!

Bullet Journal monthly spread
Bullet Journal Monthly spread with the quote "if the world is cold, make it your business to build fire."

Last month my monthly spread was divided in “school” and “travel” and this month I changed it in “life” and “uni”. I felt like this would fit better, because I am given to make too much for school and forget about the things I love to do. As you can see, the space for uni is almost full, but I can still see my system behind that words and that’s most important.
This month I tried something new. I have a big running to-do list for all my assignments, and I split it up into weeks so that I know what to do in each week to not get to overwhelmed. So when I am planning my next week I come back to this page and can divide it in the appropriate days.

“If the world is cold, make it your business to build fire”
Lately I have been writing a lot of quotes for my Instagram page and I like it to have some of those here and there to get a bit of motivation and positive vibes, every time I see it. This one is just stuck in with Washi tape and the page behind is a brain dump page, where I can write down everything in my mind and no one can see it.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread
Bullet Journal weekly spread with a cup of tea with a boat inside

I never had a weekly spread like this in my Bullet Journal  since last year and I wanted to try it out again. The upper part is for all events such as lectures, tutorials as well as group meetings or even the gym. The lower part is for all my tasks.
I know that the little sketch is taking most of the column for Monday, but this was on purpose! As you can see I have most of my lectures on Monday and I don’t have the time to do that much in between and I don’t want to stay awake until midnight or more just to fulfill all my to-do’s. And if there is no more space left, I can’t do anything more!

Bullet Journal weekly spread
Bullet Journal weekly spread with two moons.

Now this is how most of my weekly spreads look like. Enough space for each day, a little sketch somewhere and a monthly overview in the top left corner. This is how I like it and how I can use it most effectively.
If you want to see how I paint my sketches, you can follow me on Instagram. There is at least one video a week of me painting or drawing something for my Bullet Journal.

Bullet Journal weekly spread
Bullet Journal weekly spread with an abstract moon behind some clouds.

This is my birthday week, and I hope that I can find the time to celebrate and get a few days without any uni-work or anything like this in my mind.
If you believe in zodiac signs, you might have noticed that I am scorpion. I am not sure how much truth is behind that theories, but I like them and I think that I have some typical characteristic for a scorpion. I am determined, decisive and stubborn, and that’s why I always want to give my best and why I spend so much time for all my tasks for university. I don’t read a horoscope or anything like that, but don’t you think it is cool that other people can almost describe you because they know your date of birth?

Bullet Journal weekly spread
Bullet Journal weekly spread with a sketch of the world in a suitcase.

As you might have read in my previous Bullet Journal setup post, my good old Leuchtturm1917 run out of pages. So I had to switch into a new one but I don’t want to already start the one for next year. I have a new one at home but I know if I would start it now, I would have the same problem again next year at this time. So I decided to use another Leuchtturm1917 with a softcover which was a present from my best friends. On the first pages are so many photos, Polaroids and notes for me, that I feel so happy and motivated every time I see this notebook. How lucky am I to use a notebook like this as my Bullet Journal?
This is the boost I needed to stay assertive for the last weeks in Scotland!

Bullet Journal weekly spread
Bullet Journal weekly spread with a sketch of a pizza as a planet

For me the last page is very funny, because when I get home I want to be “in a good shape” and if you have seen my Instagram-Stories you know, that I am currently renouncing from sweets. And I don’t want to eat any kind of fast-food in December and my little pizza planet should remind me to eat some pizza before the next month starts! :D
To be honest: I had not the greatest motivation this month to draw some bigger sketches or to make anything special. I know that November will be busy and I’m pretty sure that these pages will be filled by the end of November. But I love the way it turned out!

And this is it for my Bullet Journal setup for November. I hope I could give you some inspiration. What do you think about zodiac signs? Do you believe in them?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you next time!♥


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