New projects are coming!

Hello Sunshines!

I don't know where you are coming from or why you clicked on this page, but WELCOME TO MY BLOG!
This is my very first post on this brand new website and I just want to introduce myself and what I am going to do here.

My name is Laura, I am 21 years old and a busniess student. I am currently living in Paisley, Scotland for one trimester abroad, because I wanted a break of my "normal" study in Germany. My University of Applied Sciences is very small and now I am at the University of West of Scotland with around 17,000 other students from more than 70 countries worldwide.
One of the modules I like most is Digital Marketing and this website is part of it. I have the task to creat a blog and tell the world something.


I have so many ideas to talk about, but where to start?
I don't feel certain in dealing with fashion - always jeans and t-shirt! So this can't be a fashion-blog.
I love food... or better: I love to eat! But my kitchen and everyone around me is thankful if I stay away from a hob or a blender. I could tell you (kind of) funny stories about me trying to cook, but I could never write a food-blog.
This could be a fitness -blog, if my fitness-level would not be couch-potato and I can hardly motivate myself to go to the gym.
"New projects are coming" in fancy fonts

Now the truth: this blog is going to be about all the things I love!

Most of all I love beeing creative, my Bullet Journal is my one and only! As I am studying abroad, I can tell you a lot of things about traveling around Scotland, saving money for adventures and maybe some fun facts about the UK. Hopefully I can motivate you and me to do the one or other workout and find inspiration to live the life you want.

Well, if you are interested in all kinds of delight and creativity, this is the right place for you!
I wish you a lot of fun reading my posts!


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